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We, the human being, are a group of creatures who want to live surrounded by our loved ones. The people we love and adore are essential to us, and we want every chance to make them happy. Special occasions give us that opportunity. During that time, we can amaze them with gifts.

And we can make them lose their mind with home-made DIY crafting project.

Why does a home-made project have such an impact?

There are lots of reasons behind it. Firstly, it shows that you value the relationship so much that you are willing to go the extra mile for presenting them with something that comes from your heart.

And secondly, A homemade Do-it-Yourself craft can be mind-blowing!

You can even use them as a decoration to liven up your house.

If you have a die cut machine you can create many DIY project at your home easily.Mike recently publish an article about die cut. If you want to read full article click here.

Let me guide you quickly, and step-by-step to help you in making the most beautiful DIY projects:

1.Ornamental Animals:

One of the finest crafting projects that almost anyone can attempt to make is the ornamental animals. It is elegant, beautiful, eye-catching and quite easy to make.

The ingredients:

For this particular project, you would need:

a)    Toy animal – Plastic

b)    White glue (add water to dilute)

c)    Pages from an old book

d)    Straight pin

e)    Glue and glue gun

f)     Ribbon


Any animal would be fine for this project. You can use a dolphin or an elephant as they are the easiest to make. The first thing that you need to do is attach a hanger, and use a piece of ribbon for that. Two straight pins would be ok if the body of the animal is hollow.

Now put hot glue on the point of attachment. Then use the diluted glue on either side of the page of the book and attach that to the body of the animal. Continue attaching the pieces in random order to create a nicer look, just make sure to cover the entire piece.

Now, let the item dry, and you have yourself an ornamental toy animal!

2. Make A Family Scrapbook:

Making a Family scrapbook can be a great DIY craft that a family can do together. Families mostly visit places or take a trip quite often. It can act as an easy theme for the project.

The process is quite simple. Take all the photos of the trip, then glue them all together in the order that you like. As a base, you can use colorful A4 paper. By adding a caption to the picture, you can make it more entertaining.

To get added effect, all you need to be paste embellishments.

3. Egg Painting:

The only important material that you will need to complete this DIY project is egg shells. You can keep the shells of the eggs that you cook. Remember to remove all the egg white and yoke, and be careful not to break the whole egg. One easy way to do so is to create a small hole on the top.

And that’s it. All that is left to do is use colors like poster color, watercolor, acrylic or crayon. Just choose the one that makes you comfortable.

There you have it, three easy DIY projects that you can do to impress your peers. There are loads of other projects that you can do with ease at home.

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