General tactics against highly mobile Danse spam

The DogStar is, in actuality, only one iteration of a very hard VC list which combines a highly mobile combat vampire lord with multiple Danse spells in an attempt to force a game breaking charge at the right time.  A similarly heinous list was actually employed by one of our own Ld2 players at QCR.  In general, the way your army should approach these lists will greatly depend on the build and play style.  In this post I intend to outline some of my thoughts from the point of view of a highly mobile point denial army, of which I have played a Wood Elf and a Dark Elf version.

The most important thing to remember is that an MSU army will out deploy most VC lists, they simply have too many points invested in characters and very few core drops.  Keep these things in mind:

  • Know how many Danse's you can successfully handle in one turn.  If you do not have the magic capability to dispel every attempt then under no circumstance should you deploy anything important w/in a tactical charge radius of the Danse'er (which could either be the DogStar, a VampLord on a dragon, a unit of bloodknights, or an M9 Vampire)
  • Drop your fastest and least important units on opposite flanks, these should be units which you don't intend to be involved w/ combats and units which are fast enough to effectively sweep to the other side of the board on the first turn if need be.
  • When it comes time to drop combat troops, know exactly what target they're gunning for and what support troops they will need to get there.  Regarldess of how fast you are, the DanseSpam list is faster and you will have to redirect and/or bait charges a number of times in order to get an advantageous fight for your units

Game Play:

  • Most of your army is sacrificial.  Look at your list, count up about 1000 points of units that you need to protect (most likely they will include characters and pricey combat units).  Everything else should be fed to the beast w/o hesitation in order to keep your 1000 pts alive.
  • Give him false options.  Put units into charge range that will take his uber units way out of position.  Does his vamp have hatred or frenzy? Use it against him, you want his killing power as far away from your 1000pts as possible.
  • Use magic/shooting to put wounds on important units (bloodknights, wraiths, zombie dragon, etc.).  He will feel obligated to commit dice towards IoN in order to heal important units rather than SpamDanse'ing.
  • Gack a Lesser Vamp.  Take every good opportunity to gack a lesser vamp.

More later...I lost interest



You need to finish this post. I also think that it would be a good idea to chronicle or log other tactics in dealing other lists or units.