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Screen printing is not to be confused with print screen. It is a printing method where a net is used to transfer ink on a surface. It was founded in the year 1911 in China during the Song Dynasty. It was later adapted by the Asian countries. But nowadays, with the market for screen printing shrinking rapidly, the future of this process seems to be in peril. There is no denying the fact that screen printing is now being taken over by digital printing.

This is because digital printing delivers full colour results in no time and also saves the expenses in doing so. These strengths are highly attractive in the manufacturing sector. Digital printing enables the manufacturer to customize products at a low cost.

Screen printing is now an old fashioned, smelly and unreliable technique. Moreover it cannot be used in fast manufacturing plants. Besides it takes a lot of items to complete a screen printing. It requires a stencil as in the structure that consists the screen where the ink in to be printed. Next is a squeegee which causes the ink to flow into the net and removes excess ink from the stencil. Another one is substrate. It is the surface where the ink is to be printed. Last is the ink which is used to colour the print.


Many practitioners believe that screen printing will disappear in the near future as it is oldest of all the printing methods. It is existing today just because of its ability to print on the widest of the substrates with a wide variety of inks. However it will soon be overcome by digital printing methods.

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In order to screen printing to survive, it needs to modernize its printing process and make it more cost efficient. A key area where screen printing needs to improve is the production speed. This the main aspect where digital printing wins. To achieve this objective a roller squeegee should be used in screen printing process. This will greatly increase the speed of production as well the consistency. The roller squeegees will increase the speed of production but to match with its speed the inks must also be modified in order to make them dry fast. Ink must be modified in order to consistently transfer that will dry prints effectively at these new speeds.

Apart from these opinions, I personally think that screen printing can be revived again if it is modified and it can compete with digital printing. All screen printing needs is a little initiative and it can be beck in the market with a bang. Not only does the final product of screen printing looks beautiful, it makes the print unique and ideal for the decoration.

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